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At Health Optimizing, we provide innovative, high-tech therapies that engage the self-healing ability of your body to restore balance and optimize your health status.

This includes modulating inflammation, reducing pain, rehabilitation, oxygenating, enhancing and activating detoxification pathways (etc).

‍Quick Resolution

Our self-regulatory treatments enable your body to meet most health challenges quickly and effectively. For example, we have a treatment that can stimulate self-healing of broken or fractured bones, torn ligaments and sore muscles 3 times faster than normal.

Utilizing the latest and best hi-tech methodologies from all over the world, we offer an all-encompassing approach to find and deal with the roots of health challenges. Treatment protocols are not based on traditional diagnosis; people with the same diagnosis always have a combination of different causative factors that must be specifically addressed to stand a chance of overcoming the problem.

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Health Optimizing clinics utilize the most advanced technologies to treat the factors identified through our comprehensive assessment. The process first addresses the main underlying causations and trigger factors responsible for the reasons why the health challenges developed in the first place. It is absolutely necessary to address all the primary causations to be able to resolve the problems. But, we also aim to resolve secondary factors and indirect aggravating factors to achieve the quickest and best results as possible. When one or more causations are related to lifestyle factors, we advise which efforts to take to make the necessary changes. However, many of the causations are best resolved using a combination of hi-tech methodologies.

Utilizing the latest and best hi-tech methodologies from all over the world, we offer an all-encompassing approach to deal with the roots of the health challenges. Treatment protocols are not based on traditional diagnosis; people with the same diagnosis always have a combination of different causative factors that must be specifically addressed to stand a chance of overcoming the problem. We resolve specific causative factors by addressing each aspect of them with different methodologies, mostly utilizing state-of-the-art technologies which are not yet incorporated into other health clinics. Although some of our individual technologies can be found in other clinics, it is only Health Optimizing clinics that have the full combination of technologies and the methodology to combine them to achieve results far better than the sum of the individual parts. The unique technologies, in the hands of our specially trained doctors and therapists, ensures that we can offer health services far beyond those offered by other clinics. However, we have chosen not to offer what is anyway easily available in conventional clinics, so what we offer is a complimentary service to the standard health services. Considering that half the population have or will get chronic illnesses that the standard health services cannot resolve, our complimentary and comprehensive hi-tech service is very much needed.

After addressing the roots of the health challenges in the best possible way, we stimulate the intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms to make the best possible effort to resolve the problems. The intrinsic self-regulating system should have dealt with the problem when it first developed. Yet, health problems develop when the sum of underlying causations, trigger factors and aggravating factors is larger than the intrinsic capacity for dealing with them. An adaptation to the problems then develops, and through this adaptation the intrinsic mechanisms stop trying to resolve the problem. Resolving the roots of the problem will then usually no longer be enough, because it has become a new norm the body has adapted to. We have a breakthrough technology that can stimulate the specific intrinsic mechanisms needed to resolve health challenges, using signals that are bioidentical to those the brain uses to stimulate the same mechanisms before the challenges are adapted to. As long as the causative factors have been sufficiently dealt with, this treatment often creates remarkable results. Therefore, we use this technology as the last part of the standard Health Optimizing treatment sequence. When the challenges are complex and highly manifested, it is usually necessary to repeat the sequence of addressing causations and then stimulating the intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms. The end goal is to help the body’s own mechanisms fully create and maintain good homeostasis and health.

The technologies we utilize are the latest and most effective devices from all over the world. Here are two of the treatment technologies utilized in all Health Optimizing clinics in addition to the assessment technologies:

  • Health Optimizing Cellregulation; a technology that stimulates the exchange of sodium and potassium ions and thus upregulates mitochondrial activity. This improves the cellular function and energy. The technology also has programs to improve the microcirculation and other foundational health factors. This technology can also be purchased or rented for home use
  • The technology mentioned above, which specifically stimulates the intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms to fully create and maintain good health. It helps the body to address challenges more effectively and get out of the adaptation mode where problems are ignored.

Here are examples of treatment technologies that all Regional Health Optimizing clinics and Royal Retreat clinics have, but which are usually not available in local clinics:

  • Cell-volt charging machine that can increase the cell voltage in a local tissue to the ideal -90mv and correct the dielectric properties of the cell membranes. This enables the cells to exchange ions correctly, giving immediate results in cell function, inflammation reduction and stimulation of restitution/repair processes.
  • Nitric Oxide gas machine that increases nitric oxide levels within minutes and thus resolves the most important factor for cardiovascular health according to the 1989 Nobel Prize in Medicine. This is also an important machine in our protocols for stimulating the healing of diabetic ulcers.
  • Pulsed plasma light technology that destroys microorganisms through a resonance effect with the molecular movements of specific microorganisms as measured with molecular spectroscopy.
  • Two combined technologies for stimulation of subconscious processes, neurotransmitters, activity in different parts of the brain, and brain wave regulation. Utilized for psychological and psychosomatic treatments by our psychologists.
  • A technology for stimulating dendrite activity in the brain, thus enabling better processing of information, as well as improving many other brain functions.
  • A technology that can give the blueprint for how the molecular movement and cell information should be, based on a vast number of reference measurements of tissue samples with molecular spectroscopy.
  • Several technologies for local stimulation of injury/wound healing, which in the right combination give the potential to speed up the recovery time threefold, and even give the potential to complete the healing of old injuries.
  • Several technologies for skeletal alignment, releasing muscle strain and regulating the nervous system, which in combination give the potential to resolve many challenges.
  • Unique biochemical tests, through top renowned laboratories worldwide, to measure biochemical factors not yet available to test through the healthcare system.

We always strive to use the best combination of methodologies to fix the specific factors that we find. We have a wealth of experience on which combination of treatments gives the fastest and the best results. The Health Optimizing clinics demonstrate that chronic and incurable diseases can often be resolved by people’s intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms with help of the right combination of hi-tech treatments and lifestyle coaching. If you have a disease and are wondering what we can do for you, please contact the clinic you want to visit. After the full assessment is done you can expect a lot more answers, so alternatively you can book an assessment and then receive information about how we can help you.


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