Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå

Known as “The Iron Woman” and “the Mountain-bike Queen”. Gunn-Rita is an Olympic Champion and 10 times World Champion. In total she has won 20 gold medals in international championships, the last one this year at the age of 45. In addition, she won the World cup this year for the 30th time, which is an “unbeatable” world record, unless she win again next year. She has also been awarded several honorary prices.

“One of my most important partners over many years is Health Optimizing. At the Health Optimizing clinics they have world leading technologies for comprehensive health assessments, treatments and to optimize your health and performance. By doing regular health assessments at the Health Optimizing clinic I know at any time what to work with to optimize my health so that I can realize my full potential within mountain-biking. Health Optimizing has given me access to the technologies, products and coaching on nutrition and other life-style aspects that I need to become the best within my sport. When I have had an accident on my bike or injured myself in any other way the Health Optimizing clinic has managed to get me quickly back on my bike. I recommend everybody to visit a Health Optimizing clinic for a health assessment at least once a year.

I am a very happy user of the whole Sports Optimizing package/kit of the Health Optimizing group. The Sports Optimizing kit has been, and still is, an important part of my everyday preparations hunting for new championship medals. The combination of the products in the Sports Optimizing kit gives synergy effects which in total optimizes my performance and makes me realize my full potential. I highly recommend the Sports Optimizing kit to all athletes with ambitions.”

Trine Spord Thomassen

Based in Bergen, Norway, Trine Spord Thomassen is a Partner at the Nordic Arena Nettverk. She is one of our clients at the Health Optimizing Clinic in Bergen.

“At age 45, I was so lucky to have a child, but it caused a lot of problems in my body, a lot of issues. I could not sleep at all, and it was really a problem for me and my family. I went to my doctors, and they couldn’t find the root cause of the problem. Then I booked an assessment at Health Optimizing, and they found all the roots causes and resolved it. I am so grateful to the team here at Health Optimizing Bergen. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You resolved my health and optimized my health.

Ingela Larsson Smith

Based between Brazil and Canada, Ingela Larsson Smith visited Health Optimizing Bergen to find and resolve specific health challenges from the roots. 

Listen to her story.

Erlend Bolstad-Raa

Norwegian High Jump & Triple Jump Champion

“Last year I had an injury on my jumping foot and it was kind of serious, so if I didn’t fix it, I would never be able to jump again. It lasted for 6 months and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, so I had surgery. It went well but after surgery it didn’t really get back together. That was when I was introduced to Health Optimizing. They recommended multiple treatments that I haven’t been introduced to before.

One of them in particular, the Health Optimizing CellRegulation mat, was very interesting because it helped me sleep better which was good for recovery and it really helped me optimize performance so I was at my peak level at practice. I’m so grateful to the Health Optimizing team!”

Nikolas K. Skouen

Known as Norway`s best and most serious basket player. Nikolas has played at the highest College level in the US and played professional at the highest levels in Norway (highest score and was awarded the prize as All Star), Germany and Spain. He is by the help of Health Optimizing aiming to become one of the best basket players in the world and is  currently playing professionally in the Slovakian top league

“Health Optimizing is a very important partner for me in my continuous endeavours to reach peak performance and become the best basket player I can. The clinic is helping me to prevent injuries and getting me faster back on my feet whenever I get ill or injured. I am also using the Sports Optimizing package daily. It gives me better performance and faster restitution so that I can train more and play harder. I also sleep much better and am much less sick than I used to be before I started with the Sports Optimizing package. Overall, I have become a much better basket player after I started to use the Health Optimizing clinic and their Sports Optimizing package.”

Ståle Steen Saethre

Norwegian Professional Soccer Player (currently playing for Aalesund in the Norwegian top league)

“Since I Started to get help from the Health Optimizing clinic, I have had a considerable improvement in my overall quality of life. In my daily life as a football/soccer player I have been less sick and injured. I have still got acute injuries at the field, i.e. last year I broke one of my big toes during a match in the middle of the season and the Health Optimizing clinic got me back on my feet in record time so that I could play the next match after 5 days. Another time I broke my wrist and the Health optimizing clinic healed it in 12 days enabling me to finish the season as the top scorer. The Health Optimizing clinic has also given me high-level lifestyle coaching, incl. advice on nutrition which has given me improved energy, removed inflammation in my body and in general a better quality of life.

As a top athlete, I am using the Sports Optimizing package every day to get increased and more stable energy level and alkaline balance in my body. I also experience less pain in joints and muscles and faster restitution, especially after heavy exercise and matches. In general, I have experienced fewer negative effects from exercise and matches and continuously improved performance after I started to use the Sports Optimizing package.”

Turid Salbu

Norwegian Biathlon Champion

“I feel in much better shape than ever. The Sports Optimizing package has given me more energy, better training effect, better rehabilitation and better sleep.

Shortly after she became the Norwegian champion in biathlon Turid Salbu developed ME/chronic exhaustion and stayed more or less continuously in bed for 3 years and was in and out of different hospitals and clinics in Norway and abroad. The Doctors told her that she would never be able to ski again.

That was before she finally came to the Health Optimising Clinic in Bergen for health assessments, treatments and lifestyle coaching. After the first month her energy came back to such a degree that she could start working and exercising again. The improvements continued gradually and after 3 months she was fully recovered. From that time onwards the Health Optimising Clinic has helped her to optimise her sports performance.”

Ingemar Backman

Swedish Professional Snowboarder & World Record Holder

“During my 26 year snowboarding career I have had a lot of injuries. The latest and most serious was 1½ years ago after a snowboard jump. I tried almost everything, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and other medical practitioners, without any improvement.

I thought I would never be able to snowboard again without pain. But, that was before a friend recommended me to go to the Health Optimising clinic – “Lundborgkliniken”. They did an initial health assessment, identified the root causes, and then treated me with different technologies. After a week my back was much improved and the pain disappeared. Thanks to the Health Optimising clinic I can now go snowboarding again.”

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