About A Health Optimizing Career

Health Optimizing makes optimal health simple through our unique comprehensive concept of non-invasive assessments, a large variety of treatments to stimulate your body’s self-healing system and lifestyle advice, with subsequent reassessment to highlight results.

It is:

High Tech:

Assesses and restores homeostasis promptly via the best holistic technology available and our cell communication expertise;

High Touch:

Personalized plan and lifestyle coaching based on the exact state of client’s homeostasis to make the most transformative impact;

High Value:

The approach provides holistic, efficient solutions, in a painless and economic manner, without any negative side effects.

We are looking for friendly and compassionate people with excellent client communication skills. The ideal candidate to work at Health Optimizing is a motivated and dedicated individual, who:

  • is positive, optimistic and enthusiastic;
  • is dynamic and flexible;
  • is passionate about high-tech medicine;
  • believes in our mission of changing the medical paradigm;
  • is willing to grow and is highly adaptable;
  • is fluent in the relevant languages;
  • is efficient with computers;
  • is ready to become a practitioner and embody the Health Optimizing lifestyle, in terms of optimizing their own health and wellbeing. (“Walk the talk”).

This is a unique opportunity to exceed the limitations of the current medical paradigm, in offering non-pharmaceutical approaches that successfully restore health.

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